Current and Recent Projects

Domestic Projects:
Royal Canadian Mounted Police/National Police Services
Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) Renewal

FMP is engaged to support the management of change that is an integral part of the multi-year Canadian Police Information Centre Renewal Program (CPIC). The FMP team supports the program in the areas of communications, stakeholder engagement strategies, training planning, facilitation, coaching, orientation and appreciation programs, team surveys, and senior committee secretariat.

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)
Information Technology and Systems Directorate

FMP is providing project management support, business process mapping, and strategies on management of change and communications, for a pilot project to allow members of the nuclear industry community to formally exchange documents in electronic format with the regulator, as part of the CNSC On-Line initiative.

Health Canada
Vaccine Supply Program Development and Implementation

FMP is providing program management support to Immunization and Respiratory Infections Division, Centre for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control. FMP's role is focused on the development and implementation of a plan to enhance the stability, security and quality of vaccine supply in Canada. This includes development of Terms of Reference, work plans, job descriptions, provision of advice on vaccine supply issues, and management of a federal/provincial/territorial meeting to address Canadian vaccine supply issues.

Health Canada
Economic Analysis of National Standards

FMP is providing program management support to Immunization and Respiratory Infections Division, Centre for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control. FMP's role involves an economic analysis of the implementation of national standards for immunization registries across all Canadian jurisdictions and the development of a report on the status of the immunization registry activities of each jurisdiction.

Training and Development Canada
Course Redesign (Request for Proposal and Statement of Work)

FMP conducted a fundamental redesign of four courses for the creation and management of Requests for Proposal and Statements of Work, part of the TDC suite of materiel management and contracting courses. The intended audience for these courses is non-contracting specialists. Redesign work incorporated recent changes to government contracting policy and realignment of course material from theory to focus on practical application.

Training and Development Canada
Course Design and Development (Materiel Management)

In order to reflect recent, significant changes in government contracting policy and to re-align the ratio of active and passive learning, FMP completed a course design and development project to assist TDC in updating and re-orienting a core, three-day course for the professional materiel management, contracting and real property community. In addition, the FMP team adapted and created a new one-day orientation course in materiel management for non-specialists and provided advice on the continued relevance of a Life Cycle Materiel Management course.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Innovative Technology and Business Process Program

FMP is providing program management support to Innovative Technology and Business Process Program (ITBP) adopted by Fisheries Management Sector as part of its operational modernization initiative. The objective of the ITBP is to research, test, select, adapt and share common innovative technologies and business processes for application across the entire Fisheries Management Sector.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Fisheries Information Management Program (FIMP)

FMP is providing project management advice and support to the Fisheries Information Management Program. FMP's role ranges from program and project planning, project charter development, communications, correspondence management and stakeholder engagement strategies, workshop facilitation, research, organizational recommendations and general project management advice.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Observer At-Sea Business Process Review and Program Re-Design

FMP is providing program management support to the re-design of the 'Observer at Sea' Program. The objective of the project is to examine the design of the current At Sea Observer Program and identify and select from alternative strategies a revised business process and funding regime for proposal to the Deputy Minister and Minister, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Solicitor General Canada
Interoperability in Support of Public Safety

FMP recently completed the facilitation of a large inter-departmental workshop aimed at developing an interoperability model / framework for the public safety sector, including ideas for a new branding and new pictorial (visual identity), for presentation to PSAT Ministers in January-February 2003.

Solicitor General Canada
Biometric Technology Discussion Paper

FMP was requested to review and revise a discussion paper being developed by the Integrated Justice Secretariat on the adoption and use of biometric technologies for the identification of and/or verification of individuals. FMP refocused the discussion paper to highlight the management challenges confronting governments considering adoption of the technology and developed a briefing note for a presentation to a Committee of Deputy Ministers.

Competition Bureau
Business Process Mapping

FMP conducted a review and mapping of the processes used by the Mergers Branch when reviewing complex and very complex merger applications, and by the Civil Matters Branch when reviewing and responding to competition cases review-able by the Competition Tribunal.

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Licence Development

FMP has been contracted to assist the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat in developing a licence for the use of radio and television broadcasts in its environmental scanning activities. Once in place, this licence will allow Government of Canada decision-makers to use information reported in broadcasts to avoid surprises, identify threats and opportunities, gauge public reaction, or to improve short and long term planning without fear of allegations of copyright infringement.

International Projects:
Government of Botswana
Public Sector Reform

FMP recently carried out a needs assessment and developed an implementation plan for a Performance Based Reward System, as a key component of the government's decentralization and accountability framework policies.

Government of Tanzania
Good Governance in Investment and Promotion

FMP participated in a team that was tasked with developing an investment and trade strategy for Tanzania. FMP focused on good governance issues in investment promotion and facilitation, including public awareness of rules and procedures regarding investments, existing mechanisms supporting transparency and accountability, the present code of ethics for government officials and recommendations for improvements.

Government of Yemen
Governance and Decentralization Program Evaluation

FMP was engaged to carry out an evaluation of a major government program for governance and decentralization. The review focused on the achievement of results, program design, capacity and institutional arrangements.

Government of Yugoslavia
Governance and Public Administration Reform

FMP supported the review of a major joint donor funded program geared to assessing capacity needs and developing strategies for public administration development and reform for new systems of government.

Asian Development Bank
Review of Governance Assessment Policies

FMP recently supported a team tasked with the review of the ADB's country governance assessment policies, procedures and performance. The review was carried out in Manila and involved country visits and the comparative analysis of methodologies used other development banks and donors.

United Nations Development Program
Review of Country Programming Strategies

FMP has been retained by corporate management to review the policy framework and operational practices associated with development services delivered to a higher-income group of program countries.

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