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Financial Management and Comptrollership

Financial Management and Related Comptrollership functions are seen to differ substantially in public sector organizations from private organizations, this in consideration of the more complex operations and greater demands for public transparency and accountability. Public sector organizations increasingly depend on more advanced financial management and comptrollership practices that link the results of budgeting and spending back to initial policy goals or performance targets set for the organization, all in a context of clear cut accountabilities. This requires more effective management of resources and a shift from accounting or book-keeping 'control' to 'performance' and the management of results.
FMP provides Financial Management and Related Comptrollership consulting services to clients primarily in the public sector. Our particular emphasis is advising and assisting executives and senior managers to define and implement reforms in the areas of financial management and comptrollership.
We provide specialized services in:

Financial Management (FM) Evaluations and Capacity Assessments:
Existing FM policies, procedures and processes
Existing FM organization and accountability structures
Existing FM control and reporting systems
Existing FM standards, values and ethics
Benchmarking of existing FM practices to market standards
Identification of opportunities for improvement
Development of FM reform strategies and implementation plans

Comptrollership Evaluations and Capacity Assessments:
Organizational leadership structures and capacities
Management and governance structures
Senior Financial Officer role
Management agreements and contracts
Linkages to risk management and business planning
Definition of internal accounting controls
Internal and external audit capacities
Existing financial management systems
Linkages to risk management and business plans

Financial Management and Comptrollership Capacity Development:
Development of strategic plans
Development of management and governance structures
Organizational development
Human resources development and training support

Selected Relevant FMP Experience:
Reviews and Assessments, Canadian Federal Government Departments and Programs:
Review of organizational resourcing needs and development of a resourcing plan (CMC06
Review of a single operating budget pilot project (CAC01)
Review of an ARCS financial and accounting system (DOC01)
Review of a financial management system (IRB01)
Project management of an airports commercial accounting system implementation (Dot05,08,09,10)
Operational review of administrative and financial services (AGR13)
Audit of the integrity of the departmental financial system (HC002)

Planning, Capacity Development and Training Support:
Development of a financial control system users' plan (CDA02)
User requirements study for a divisional project accounting & reporting control system (CMC01)
Updating of a human resources and financial management module (CCMD01,02)
Design and implementation of a financial management system (PSC01,02)
Financial management system feasibility study (CDA29, 30)
Development of a statement of work for a financial reporting system (CDA43)
Implementation of 'free-balance' software product based financial management system (CEO02,07,07,10)
Technical and operations support to a financial management system (CEO14)
Development of a financial reporting system (MRC01)
Development of a financial management strategy and plan (OCG03)
Training in the financial reporting of a customised system (OSFI01)
Training on a legacy departmental financial information system (PSC14)
Training on design and evaluation of existing finance systems (PSC15)
Training on financial management systems (PSC16)
Development a 4-day course on "financial reporting for finance officers" (RCCE03)

International Experience:
Bangladesh: project formulation for improving the accounting/audit function in government (UN076)
Eritrea: support to development of financial management planning and organizational structures (ERI01)
Indonesia: financial analysis support to a major loan evaluation (ADB01)
Malta: development of a financial management reform strategy (MAL01)
Malta: review of public sector financial management and accountability structures (MAL02)
Malta: assessment of expenditure management and internal audit functions (MAL03)
Mongolia: financial management and systems support to national poverty alleviation program (UN058)
Nepal: analysis, design and development of the cottage and small industries loans data monitoring system
UNDP: financial systems review and project planning/quality assurance support (UN004)
UNDP: financial systems review of organizational/management structures (UN004)
UNDP: review of the field office accounting systems (UN004)
UN: support to the development of the integrated management information system (UN017, 19, 21,32,46)
UN: development of a financial management systems pilot (UN023)
UNHCR: support to management and financial management training (UNHCR01)


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