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FMP provides a range of Monitoring and Evaluation services that support both projects and programs. Monitoring may be seen as an ongoing activity associated with a project or program that provides indications of success or achievement of objectives, while evaluation is a time-fixed activity and learning tool that determines more systematically the achievement of objectives of usually completed projects or programs. A program may be seen as an ongoing service of government, or as a longer term initiative of change or re-structuring (for example, as might be directed to the reform of the public sector or a service, consisting of multiple projects and overhead activities). A project is seen as a shorter term initiative of change with time-bound resource allocations and targeted quality outputs or results.

FMP understands the need in program/project Monitoring and Evaluation for the application of consistent principles and guidelines. We are familiar with the principles and guidelines set out by national governments, international organizations and the industry. We rely on established classes of evaluation issues such as program/project rationale (does the program make sense), impacts and effects (what has happened as the result of the program), objectives achievement (has the program achieved the expectations for it), and the lessons learned (are there better and less costly ways of achieving the results).

FMP provides program and project Monitoring and Evaluation services to clients in a wide variety of situations. Our approach is to focus on program and project results and effectiveness. We define this to cover the achievement of results and objectives and determining program/project cost-effectiveness. It also covers assessing the degree to which the program or project makes sense in terms of the linkages between its activities and anticipated results, and in terms of performance management, accountability and managerial requirements. FMP provides a range of specific services in support of:

Process and Methodological Support:
Methodology development and adaptation
Definition of monitoring and evaluation responsibilities
Establishment of performance measures/indicators and baseline data
Survey design and sample selection
Questionnaire design and testing
Data collection and statistical analysis methods
Evaluation support to requests for proposals/procurements

Project and Program Monitoring:
Project and program site visits
Stakeholder interviews and consultations
Mid-term reviews and assessments
Periodic and regular reporting
Joint reviews independent validation and verification

Project and Program Evaluation:
Development of evaluation plans
Development of evaluation terms of reference
Evaluation project planning and management
Internal or independent/external evaluations
Project, program, thematic or special purpose evaluations Evaluation of policies, procedures or special issues development of lessons learned

Selected Relevant FMP Experience: Organizational, project, process and service reviews and evaluations:
Review of an organisation's resourcing needs (CMC06)
Strategic business review of a departmental facilities management function (HWC04)
Organisation review of an administrative services operation (NLC02)
Organisational review of an information technology organisation (PWC40)
Program review of a lease expansion program (PWC19, 21,23,24)
Review and evaluation of a Privy Council Office operation (PCO01)
Lessons learned study and review of research and development projects (IDRC01)
Effectiveness review of an immigration service function (EIC04)
Review of a drug testing and monitoring system (DND06)
Review of an electoral register administrative issue (CEO19)
Review of single operating budget pilot project (CAC01)
Review of corporate administrative functions (AGR15)
Review of a department training system (AGR02)

Reviews and Assessments of Information Technology Functions:
Process review of training data capture and reporting procedures (AGR05)
Assessment of an information technology network support system (BAI01)
Review of information technology development projects (CDA76)
Technical review of a filing system (CDIC01)
Review of office automation RFPs (CEO01,03)
Evaluation of an organisation's information technology strategy(CMC04)
Evaluation of requests for proposals for telecommunications network (CMC07,09)
Technical review of an organisation's financial database (CRTC02)
Technical review of a departmental information and communications system (DOC01)
Review of an information technology forecasting system (DOT16)
Audit of the integrity of the departmental financial system (HC002)
Operational review and cost-efficiency study - facilities management (HWC08)
Review of the management information and statistics function (INA05)
Review of a financial management and information system (IRB01)
Security review of an information technology services function (ISTC08,09)
Independent validation & verification electronic procurement and settlement system - (NSA01)
Evaluation of building tele-communications capacities (PWC03)

Project/Program Monitoring, Reviews and Evaluations:
Albania: Institutional review of the Albania Science Institutions (UN054)
China: Terminal evaluation of a system in iron and steel enterprises - UN042)
China: Evaluation of the telecommunications modernization program (UN050) India: Evaluation of the education and research in computer networking project (UN009)
India: Evaluation of the knowledge based computer systems project (UN033) Indonesia: Evaluation of a management improvement program, national planning agency (INS01)
Kuwait: Mid-Term Review of the Restructuring Government Program (KUW01)
Kyrgyzstan: Evaluation of Management Development Program (UN074)
Laos: Technical review of the public administration reform program (UN065)
Nigeria: Evaluation of a national data bank project (UN014)
Pakistan: In-depth evaluation support to the united nations fund for drug abuse control (UN012)
Papua New Guinea: Evaluation of national computer center program (TWB01)
Syria: Syrian Petroleum Company, Evaluation of MIS Training (SPC02)
Viet Nam: Technical review of the public administration reform program (UN060)
African Development Bank: Security audit and disaster recovery plan for the ADB (AFB010)
UNDP: Strategic organizational/management review of corporate financial systems (UN004)
UNDP: Joint German-UNDP thematic evaluation of the UNDP role and UNDP supported decentralization and local governance initiatives (UN106)
UN - Relief And Works Agency: Review of the agency's information technology program (UNRA01)

Evaluations of Bids and Proposals:
Cambodia: Evaluation of proposals for the Cambodian electoral system project (UN027)
Eritrea: Evaluation of bids relating to a natural resources program (UN055)
Ethiopia: Organization for African Unity evaluation of bids for computer equipment (UN098)
Kenya: Evaluation of bids for a system in support of a business registration operation (UN100, 103)
Kyrgyzstan: Evaluation of Bids - Management Development Program (UN039,43)
Nigeria: Evaluation of proposals for National Data Bank Start-up (UN002)
Syria: Evaluations of Proposals to develop systems for the Syrian Petroleum Company (UN020,24)
Turkey: Evaluation of management consulting project proposals, Ministry of Health (UN034)
UNDP: RFP evaluation methodology & support to the financial systems review project (UN004)
UN: - RFP preparation and evaluation for the integrated management information system (UN019)
UNDP: Evaluation of proposals for a training package on monitoring and evaluation (UN087)

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