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Organization Design and Development

Organization Design and Development is a continuing challenge for all managers to maintain viable, relevant, responsive and effective service delivery organizations. What an organization does, how it should be structured, how it relates to other organizational entities, and how it should be managed all derive from a host of external and internal environmental factors. These include such things as client demand, competition, market viability, technology change, fiscal restraint, policy change, work cultures, and social standards and values in society at large.

Management must see organizations as a cost-effective tool to carry out the business mission and objectives. Employees need to understand and buy into the mission, objectives, roles and responsibilities and culture of the organization within which they work. Clients must also understand to some extent the organizations that serve them. Mechanisms need to be in place to meet these diverse needs in ways that ensure that management, staff, clients and other stakeholders feel that they are an integral part of the organization.

Whether its setting objectives, designing product lines, devising ways of working, developing work structures or measuring performance, management needs to work with both clients and staff. Key among the concepts of effective Organization Design and Development are consultation, participation, partnering, recognizing excellence, fostering teamwork and communication.
FMP offers Organization Design and Development support services for all of these areas, specifically:

Organizational Assessment:
Environmental scanning (internal/external)
Situation analysis
Gap analysis
SWOT assessments
Organizational review
Service and productivity assessments
Transition planning
Management of change support

Training and Development:
Training and development needs analysis
Management, staff and team coaching
Training strategies
Training delivery and coordination
Training evaluation

Communications strategies (internal/external)
Management/coordination of communications programs
Employee surveys

Facilitation Services:
Meeting/workshop planning, design and support
Process facilitation
Event management

Team Support
Team charters and team surveys
Management and staff coaching
Organization development (reward and recognition, orientation, exit interviews)

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CCA: Canadian Council for the Arts
DFO: Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Informatics)
AAFC: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Legal Services)


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