Mr. Power provides a wide range of senior management consulting services based on a diverse public sector management and public administration background combined with broad experience in the management consulting domain over the past 30 years. His professional career, at the executive level, has focused largely on corporate management, corporate services and project management including central agency and multi-disciplinary management projects in the fields of information and technology management, management of change, organizational development, renewal human resources, finance, administration, management practices, performance measurement, management research and multi-year, multi-million dollar technology renewal projects.

Mr. Power has proven results in mobilizing individuals and teams in all disciplines towards the achievement of common goals. His oral and written communication skills represent a key strength. He has a well-founded reputation for quality work and completion of projects on time and within budget. Mr. Power has consistently been noted for his excellent leadership, communications, client relations and human resource management skills throughout his career.

International Experience Albania, Cambodia, Kuwait, Geneva, Mexico, Italy, United Arab Emirates
Languages English, some French
Areas of Experience: Information Management
Program and Project Planning
Civil Service Renewal and Reform
Management of Change
Project Management
Accountability Structures
Performance Measurement
Client Needs Survey and Analysis
Environmental Analysis
Technology Management
Management Research
Management Information Systems
Staffing and Recruiting
Post-Implementation Review
Management Training
Management Practices
Organizational Design and Development
Policy Development
Work Planning

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