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Management of Change

Management of Change is a key priority for program and project managers throughout the public sector, both domestically and internationally.

Management of Change is concerned with the organisation, people and processes undergoing some form of transformation, adjustment and transition. This also includes changes within the enabling environment or system to allow people and organisations to function effectively.

FMP supports the Management of Change by 'facilitating processes of change' which encourage buy-in and ownership by organisations and staff.

Our comprehensive services in this area include:

Change Implementation:
Problem analysis and problem definition
Implementation planning
Capacity assessments
Communications strategies (plus publications, fact sheets, newsletters, Web sites, etc.)
Risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies

Stakeholder Engagement:
Engagement strategies
Environmental scanning, contact databases, stakeholder profiling
Governance and committee structures design and support

Facilitation Services:
Meeting/workshop planning, design and support
Process facilitation
Event management

Teamwork Support:
Team charters and team surveys
Management and staff coaching
Organization development

Transition Support:
Issues identification
Readiness assessments definition
Monitoring, evaluation and impact measurement
Action planning and coordination
Training needs assessments and training strategies

Selected Relevant FMP Projects:
RCMP - Canadian Police Information Centre
F & O - Fisheries Information Management Program
CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency

Business and Strategic Planning

Business Planning, or Strategic Planning as it is sometimes called, is critical to the successful management of both businesses and public sector organizations. More and more, private, public and quasi-public sector organizations are adapting modern strategic and business planning practices to ensure that results are delivered, that the needs and demands of clients are met, that the public interest is protected and that resources are managed efficiently and effectively.

FMP provides Business and Strategic Planning support services that help our clients achieve significant improvements in performance - strategic management, service delivery, and results.

The range of our specific services includes:

Situation and Environmental Assessments:
External environment assessments
Market assessments: client demand analysis
Internal assessments (organization and staff capacity assessments)
SWOT analysis
Performance assessments
Business case development

Visioning and Mission Setting:
Vision and mission statements
Business and management values and principles
Strategic marketing planning and management
Performance and results based management strategies

Implementation Support:
Implementation strategies, program and project management
Critical success factors
Capacity development
Institutional strengthening
Business case development, resourcing submissions
Methodology adaptation, tools and techniques
Quality management
Financial planning and budgeting
Organizational development
Process facilitation
Action Planning

Selected Relevant FMP Projects:
For a major business, enterprise or program:
Business Strategy and Plan, an international health services company, InterHealth Canada Ltd. (ICL01)
Methodology Development, investment management function, PWGSC (PWC22)
Business Planning Seminar, Citizenship and Immigration (CIC01)
Business Plan for a National Exports Council, Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute (CMHI01)
Strategic Change Management Strategy, Supply and Services Canada (DSS01)
Housing Products Strategic Plan, Energy, Mines and resources (EMR01)
Business Strategy, Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Health Canada (HC001)
Five Year Business Accommodation Strategy and Plan, Health & Welfare Canada (HWC04)
Business Strategy and Plan, Drugs Directorate, Health Canada
Business Plan, Canadian Building Products Export Council (IST10, 17, 18)
Visioning, Food Products Branch, Industry, Science & Technology (IST20)
Business Plan, Information and Classification Division, Comptroller general of Canada (OCG04)
Real Property Program Strategy and Plan, Public Works Canada (PWC01, 17, 18, 28)
Business Planning, Workshop Facilitation, Public Works Canada (PWC38)
Business Planning, Ministry of Environment, Cambodia (CAM02)

For selected functions or service lines:
Strategic Planning and Organizational Development, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA01)
Information Technology Strategic Planning, CIDA (CDA12, 19,36)
Information Technology Strategic Plan, Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC03)
Strategic Telecommunications Plan, New Building Projects, National Archives (NAC01)
Financial Information Strategy, Comptroller General of Canada (OCG03)
Integrated Staffing System Implementation Plan, Public Service Commission (PSC06)
Real Property Information Technology Plan, Public Works Canada (PWC09)

International Experience:
Business Strategy and Plan, Eritrean information Services Agency (UN036)
Strategic Planning, Public Sector Management Reform, Kazakhstan (UN080)
Seminar on Capacity and Strategic Management, Kyrgyzstan (UN094)
Vision and Strategy Development, Public Sector Reform, Lao PDR (UN065)
Business Strategy and Plan, Cabinet Secretariat, Mongolia (UN048)
Implementation Strategy, Public Administration Reforms, Mongolia (UN053)
Business Plans, Sectoral Ministries, Mongolia (UN067)
Five-Year Business Plan, National Computer Center, Nepal (UN007, 10)
Business Planning Workshops and Facilitation, Management Services Division, Pakistan (UN062)
Information Technology Strategy, National Development Agency, South Africa (IDRC01)
Strategic Training Plan, Syrian Petroleum Company, Syria (SPC01)
Information Technology Strategy, UNOPS (UN035)
Business Plan, UN Postal Administration (UN066)
Capacity Development/Strategic Management Methodologies, UNDP (UN085)
Business Strategy and Plan Facilitation, UNDP Honduras Country Office (UN109)

Marketing Management

Marketing Management is essential to the success of any service delivery organization - public or private - that has a client community to serve. As competitiveness and client demands for service increase, marketing decisions are among the most difficult that management must make -- whether such decisions range from identifying the right marketing opportunities, knowing the clients, developing the right product/service mix, understanding the competition, or developing partnerships and alliances.

To help our clients address rapid changes in meeting the needs of their clients, FMP provides a range of services that are geared to maximize market share, service delivery, client satisfaction, and revenue generation. We provide specialized services to our clients to help them develop and sustain a competitive advantage and to foster a client-service and Marketing Management culture.

Marketing Planning:
Market analysis, methodologies and techniques
Client service demand analysis and forecasting
Competitor analysis / bench marking
Internal service delivery integration
Proposal writing / selling support
Partnership and strategic alliance development

Client Relations:
Client / target group definition
Client relationship management methods, systems and tools
Service quality, quantity and timeliness assessments
Service delivery / management services agreements
Organizational development
Human resources training and skills development

Survey Design and Analysis:
Client satisfaction surveys, and client / market demand surveys
Survey analysis and interpretation (statistical analysis)
Internal staff surveys and feed-back
Special purpose surveys

Service Cost and Productivity Assessments:
Cost of service delivery analysis
Input cost analysis
Return-on-investment analysis
Service delivery options analysis

Selected Relevant FMP Projects:
Survey for the Canadian Council for Professional Engineers (CPPE01)
Client Complaint System, Bureau of Competition Policy (CCA02)
Marketing Competitiveness Study, Canadian Wood Council (CWC01)
R-2000 International Marketing Plan, Energy Mines and Resources (EMR01)
Marketing Viability Assessment: International projects, InterHealth Canada Ltd. (IHC02)
Telecommunications Marketing Seminar, Maritime Telephone & Telegraph (MIT01)
Marketing Management Methodology Development, PWGSC (PWC22)
Housing Industry Analysis and Export Promotion Strategy, CMHC (CMHC01,02,03)
Canadian Industry Building Products Survey, Industry Science & Technology (IST10)
Technology Promotion: Superconductive materials, Industry, Science & Technology (IST11)
Readership Survey: Food Products, Industry, Science & Technology (IST15)
UNOPS: Development of a Marketing Strategy and Plan (UN051)
UNOPS: Development of a Management Services Agreement (UN031)
Cambodia: Trade Development and Promotion (UN038)
Turkey: Development of a Major Proposal for Workforce Adjustment (UN041)


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